Roundup Advisory Council

Ellen and Roy Bode
Tracy and Eddy Branch
Minnie and Bill Caruth
Fran Chiles
Yvonne Crum
Phillip T. Dixon
Sharon and Ed Fjordbak
Doug Harmon
Susan Martinez Hines
Anna Hundley
Anne Lockhart-Taylor
Dona and Reuben* D. Martinez
Rodger Meier*


Pam and Billy Minick
Jane* and Robert C. Norris
JJ and Bobby Norris
Mindy Page
Leslie and Bob Penkhus
Jill and Tracy Rowlett
Heather and Allen Russell
Lynn Smith
Carole and Ron Sondrup
Carolyn and Starke Taylor
Sheriff Tommy Thomas
Lynn Thrower
Aaltje and Jaap van Zweden

* In memory of their support

Bobby Norris Roundup for Autism
10503 Metric Drive
Dallas, Texas 75243