2017 Honorary Chairmen


Luther and Therese Winch were introduced to Roundup by our good friends at the Lone Star Pony Express in 2013. Little did we know at the time the Winch's would become one of the strongest forces in our fight for individuals with autism.


Since day one this amazing, dynamic duo has been a tremendous part of the Roundup for Autism's mission to raise money for the daily operations and expansion of services at the Autism Treatment Centers of Texas. Luther and Therese truly have hearts of gold. They have dedicated enormous amounts of time, talent and treasure to the cause. Over the past several years they have even opened up their beautiful ranch to us to host the Lone Star Pony Express's Annual BBQ Cook-Off.


The Roundup for Autism has real Texas-sized friends in the Winches. They are always there to answer the call with, "What can we do to help? or "What do you need?" Their kindness and generosity is truly boundless.


Luther now sits on the Board of Directors at the Autism Treatment Centers of Texas and is a vital asset to that great team. In his role as board member, he helps direct the many critical decisions that strengthen ATC and position it for the future.


Therese and Luther Winch, it's an honor to have you as our 2017 Honorary Chairmen. We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Therese & Luther Winch

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