Since 1976, the Autism Treatment Center has provided autism-specific programs for children and adults in need of services.

Over the past four decades, the need has grown – as has the size of ATC's programs.
With the dramatic increase in autism, now 1 in 68 children, ATC needs to provide
additional support and expand services.

Fund-A-Cause gives individuals from the community the opportunity to target their philanthropic giving. Your tax-deductible donations in previous years have allowed
ATC to expand the residential program to 24 community-based group homes, open
3 Therapy Clinics, and provide lifelong programs for children and adults with autism.

We ask for your continued support of ATC's mission to:
assist people with autism and related disorders throughout
their lives as they learn, play, work and live in the community.



We appreciate your support to improve the
well-being of the children and adults we serve.

Please know your generous contribution to
Fund-A-Cause is tax deductible.

Bobby Norris Roundup for Autism
10503 Metric Drive
Dallas, Texas 75243